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Top 5 Basement Remodeling Design Trends of 2022

Top 5 Basement Remodeling Design Trends of 2022

It is essential to use all of the space in your home. From carefully designing your space to showcase your taste and take advantage of your square footage to meeting your family’s unique needs, basements are finally getting the finishing treatment. So are you looking to maximize your space or remodel the basement of your dreams? Basements and Bars has you covered.

We've kept up with the latest designs and put together some of the most popular basement remodeling design trends of 2022 to give you a little inspiration for your basement renovation.


Open Concept

Over the past decade, the open concept has become the gold standard for remodeling a basement floor plan, which is no different in 2022. A new open floor plan can quickly be adopted if you have a large unfinished basement. People are attracted to the flexibility and flow of an open concept. This turns a basement into a multi-functional space, allowing the family to gather while having the option to have room for different activities. From adding an area for games, watching tv, or working out, an open concept basement allows everyone to be together without the hassle of compromising.


Extension of the Home

In 2021, we saw the basement become an extension of the home. Gone are the days of the dark, dank, unused cellar. Instead, those who remodeled their basements took the opportunity to carry the carefully curated aesthetic of the upstairs to the lower level. As a result, the basement became a part of the home completely furnished in the same style to create a cohesive, well-planned living space that adds value to your home, making it feel much larger and more expansive! We foresee a lot of basement remodeling in 2022 as this design trend continues going strong.


Theater Rooms

Over the past two years, people have missed the movies, and many have included a home theater in their basement renovation plans. Theaters deliver that authentic movie experience that families love without the hassle of going out. They are a great way to gather for family movie nights or mini-movie marathons with friends.


Guest Suites

Many remodels have added complete guest suites into their plans. This typically includes a bedroom and en-suite bathroom. Depending on the size of the basement, some include a separate living area or morning bar. If you have out-of-town visitors or guests, a basement guest suite provides the convenience of closeness with the benefit of privacy.


Fitness and Wellness

The basement is usually one of the largest, most open spaces in a home, ideal for a home gym. 2021 saw the rise of home fitness-related renovations, with many homeowners opting to include entire exercise areas into their remodeling plans. We expect this to continue through 2022, along with the addition of wellness amenities like spa tubs and saunas, turning the lower level into an all-inclusive fitness and wellness experience.

What's Next For Basement Renovations?

Looking ahead through 2022, we predict that the fully finished basement will continue to rise as homeowners take advantage of their large, versatile space. In addition, we envision even more use of this multi-functional space, from reading nooks to home offices. A renovated basement is your playground.

Make Your Basement Dream Your Reality with Basement and Bars!

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